5 Best Balance Training Equipment for Seniors

Senior Balance Exercise

Looking to improve your balance and coordination? Experts agree a strong balance can play an important role in preventing life-threatening falls in older adults. While balance exercises like standing on one foot, lunges, and squats can all help strengthen your balance, so can specialty training tools made just for balance practice. Don’t miss this quick … Read more

Caregiver’s Checklist for Diabetes Management

Managing Seniors Diabetes

Are you helping an aging parent manage their Type II diabetes? You’re not alone. In fact, upwards of 1 in 4 seniors has diagnosed diabetes making it one of the most prevalent chronic conditions. Left unmanaged, diabetes can result in dangerous blood sugar spikes that can contribute to kidney failure, vision loss, stroke, dental disease, … Read more

How To Choose An Elder Law Attorney

Choosing Elder Law Attorney

Elder attorneys focus on areas like estate planning, power of attorney, and long-term care for seniors. They help with wills, trusts, guardianship, legal incapacity, living wills, public benefits planning (Medicare, Medicaid, SSI and SSDI), and insurance. Knowing how these matters impact taxes is also critical to their services. It can be difficult to find an elder … Read more

Exercises That Help Seniors Stay Active

Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active

Exercise and physical activity is good for pretty much everyone, including older adults. Exercise can help you live a long and happy lifestyle, allowing you to be there for your family and loved ones. Staying active is important later in life, not only will it help you stay healthy and live longer, it will make … Read more

Tips for Senior People to Meet & Date

Tips for Senior Dating

“Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.” — Ausonius Ausonius was a Roman poet and teacher, and in this quote, he reveals a truth that many of us often forget: You’re never too old for joy, happiness … and love. If it has come … Read more

8 Amazing Tech Solutions for Seniors & Caregivers

Technology for Seniors Caregivers

When parents and grandparents age, little things can become more of a challenge. Difficulties walking, seeing, and hearing can cause trouble on their own, but they can also create indirect issues. Personal care and cleanliness in the home can suffer, and this can in turn cause seniors to stay in more, socialize less, and possibly … Read more

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Senior Chair Yoga

Chair yoga for seniors is a variation of traditional yoga. It is meant to be performed from a chair and is intended for seniors and other individuals who may be unable to sit on a floor mat or twist and bend in the way traditional yoga poses demand. Like traditional yoga, however, chair yoga provides … Read more

Does Marijuana Stop Alzheimer’s?

Marijuana Prevent Alzheimer's

The topic of marijuana is controversial in the medical community, law enforcement, and the general public. Many well-respected doctors are pushing for its use to ease symptoms of several diseases, not just Alzheimer’s. Just as many doctors are concerned with long-term effects and potentially addictive nature. This article is neither promoting nor protesting the use … Read more

Documents Needed For Estate Planning

Estate Planning Documents

Having a Last Will and Testament, Healthcare Directive and Power of Attorney in order is very important and without them a family can be placed in situations that require hard decisions to be made on behalf of their loved one. There are many ways to getting your parents estate planning documents in order such as … Read more

Moving To Assisted Living

Moving Assisted Living

Change can be difficult and stressful and everyone handles it differently. Like with any change, making the transition to senior living can be made easier on everyone by keeping a positive outlook, patience and understanding, and if possible, as many family and friends involved as possible. What Your Loved One Should Bring With Them When … Read more

8 Signs Your Parent Needs Assisted Living

Signs Parents Need Assisted Living

Does My Parent Need Assisted Living? The decision to move a parent or loved one into an assisted living facility is never an easy one, especially if they are independent and like doing things on their own. They’ve probably lived in the same house for the last several years, even decades and have many fond … Read more

Assisted Living Activities For Senior Residents

Assisted Living Activities

At many assisted living facilities residents enjoy of a full schedule of social, educational and entertaining activities. These structured programs help all residents maintain a high quality of life. Many activities encourage members to socialize and develop friendships with other residents. Assisted living staff members make sure the activities are fun and entertaining. Art ClassesArt … Read more

Assisted Living Services

Services For Assisted Living

Seniors need varying degrees of help as they get older, but still want to feel independent. Assisted living staff members do their best to provide services in a caring and respectful manner. The staff members try to make sure that each resident is able to maintain a full life while staying at an assisted living … Read more

Assisted Living FAQ’s

Assisted Living FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living It’s important to be fully informed when you’re searching for the right assisted living. The following are common questions that people new to assisted living frequently ask. What Is Assisted Living? Assisted living facilities provide housing for seniors that need supervision or assistance with daily activities. Staff actively monitor … Read more

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost

Assisted Living Costs For basic assisted living care, costs can range from $1,800 to $2,400 a month which works out to be about $60 – $80 per day. This cost doesn’t include personal care or medication expenses. For most facilities, basic costs will cover the room, utilities, housekeeping, basic meal plan and some activities. Varying … Read more