8 Senior Living Options Available

Choosing the right senior home can become overwhelming if you do not know where to start. With so many different kinds of senior home communities, where should you even start? How do you know if you are making the right choice? Will your loved one be happy there?

I’ll break down the different types of senior housing options to eliminate the confusion. Knowing the difference can make the search process easier and more enjoyable as you can feel confident in making the right decision about your loved one’s new home and the next chapter.

Independent Living

If you don’t need any care or assistance independent living may be the perfect fit for you! Not all senior homes and communities are for aging adults who can no longer take care of themselves. Seniors who are still active and don’t require any daily medical care usually thrive in independent living settings.

Some communities are age-restricted communities (55+, 62+, 65+) for seniors looking to make a move and start the next phase of their lives. The following amenities are what you can expect from a typical community.

  • Social and entertainment opportunities
  • Pet friendly
  • Housekeeping
  • Available staff
  • Meal services

Independent living communities are perfect for mature adults who are looking to spend retirement years enjoying life with similar individuals. Each community offers a variety of different floor plans to fit each individual person and their needs. The residences can be joined or separated like apartments, casitas or villas.

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Senior Apartments

Senior apartments are designed the mature adult lifestyle, needs, and independence. Typically a senior apartment complex only permits people above a certain age to live in the community. Units vary in size, setups, and number of bedrooms per apartment like a regular apartment living complex, but also offer additional amenities and activities that cater older crowds.

Common activities and amenities can include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Exercise classes
  • Movie nights
  • Get-togethers
  • Card game parties

Personal care and services such as medicine management and hygiene assistance are not available. Only seniors who can live independently without assistance can reside in senior apartments.

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Home Care

Home care provides companionship, assistance, and care for seniors in the comforts of their own homes. In addition to caring for the elderly, home care is also available for individuals with special needs. Aging adults find home care to be a great option for maintaining their own independence, but getting a little extra help in an environment they’re familiar with. Many people who qualify for home care are not ready for full-time, full-service care.

The one-to-one personalized home caregivers assist with daily routines, hygiene, cleaning, recovering from surgery, disability assistance and a caring companion.

Some of the assistance seniors can receive in-home care are:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Bathing and washing
  • Dressing
  • Lotion and creams application
  • Changing incontinence pads
  • Using the toilet assistance

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Assisted Living

Assisted living, also known as personal care or supportive living, is designed for seniors who do not require complete medical assistance but who prefer daily life assistance. Assisted living communities are designed to appear as a home-like environment that provides the familiar comfort and independence seniors want.

Daily services are offered by qualified medical professionals to provide ease and companionship at any time of day. Within the community, seniors have the option of having their own private unit or sharing one with a spouse or fellow resident.

Some of the assistance options include:

  • Meals
  • Laundry; folded and delivered
  • Dressing and grooming assistance
  • Social activities
  • Using the restroom facilities
  • Housekeeping
  • Inviting creative programs
  • Transportation services

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Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes provide senior care and assistance in single family, neighborhood homes. Seniors enjoy a smaller, home-like setting. The cozy environment makes it an easy transition for your senior loved ones. You’ll feel confident knowing there is 24/7 medical assistance and support available.

Multiple services are provided for seniors including meals, daily activities and assistance. Help can include hygiene, dressing, use of the restroom and more. Residential care homes also offer custodial services such as laundry, housekeeping and transportation to appointments.

Residential care homes go by a variety of names. They can also be known as: 

  • Personal Care Homes (PCH)
  • Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)
  • Elder Care Home
  • Adult Family Home (AFH)
  • Private Care Home
  • Board and Care Home

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Memory Care

Memory care facilities are designed for people with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss diagnoses. These safe environments keep patients comfortable and their cognitive abilities functioning to the best of their ability. Daily routines and activities are offered at the hands of professionals for each unique patient. These care homes provide both patients and the family’s peace of mind.

Seniors will receive proper diet, cognitive exercises and hands-on caregiving to keep them comfortable and safe. Socialization is a wonderful aspect that memory care provides as they interact with other seniors in similar chapters of life.

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Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide medical care in addition to assistance with daily activities. Many nursing homes offer occupational, specialized, speech and physical therapy.

Nursing homes are in a clinical setting where residents receive more in-depth care services, extra attention and assistance they need. Nursing home staff provides services that bring residents peace of mind through their daily lives. Room and board, personal services, social activities and medical care are also provided.

Several services nursing homes offer include:

  • 24-hour care
  • Residential care
  • Medical care
  • Medicine monitoring

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing care retirement communities, or CCRC’s, are known as “life plan” communities that offer an “all-in-one” approach to multiple levels of care your loved one needs.

CCRC’s provide the entire range of senior living and care. Residents can move in as independent living, transition into assisted living as they need more help, and even receive skilled nursing or memory care if needed. It doesn’t matter what level of care and stage of life, CCRC’s offer all levels of assistance and medical care for your loved one.

The level of living and care is on par with local communities as they offer a multitude of amenities and assistance based on each individual senior’s needs.

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Find Senior Living Near You

If you or your loved one are beginning your search to find the perfect senior living community near you, now is the time to start! You can use this our senior living directory to search by your specific city and zip code as well as the location you are seeking.