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Assisted Living Resources

We have gathered the following assisted living resources and information over countless hours of research and scrutiny. You’ll find nearly every type of resource on assisted living possible, including the most well known and trusted associations that are dedicated to improving senior life, visually amazing infographics, frequently asked questions, and more!

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Articles written to address common questions and issue that family and caregivers face when dealing with an aging loved one. Costs, services, even dealing with the guilt of moving a parent into an assisted living facility.

Assisted Living Articles

Associations & Organizations

This list of assisted living organizations and associations that have helped improve senior life and have been respected and trusted for several years. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here at Assisted Living Center you can find it at any of the following associations.

Assisted Living Associations

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re searching for the right assisted living community it is important to know the basics. The list of assisted living FAQ’s will help start you off in the right direction, answering any question from “What is assisted living?” to what size rooms you can expect.

Assisted Living FAQ’s

Drugwatch: Protect Yourself From Dangerous Drugs & Devices

We all rely on drugs and medical devices to improve the quality of life for us and our loved ones. But sometimes drug and device companies put unsafe products on the market, ones that give us conditions that are worse that what we needed treatment for originally. When that happens, Drugwatch is here to help.

Learn More About Drugwatch


If you don’t hate reading line after line of text, infographics are for you! Infographics display information visually in an eye-catching image that doesn’t waste time getting to the point. View current assisted living trends, stats, and issues. Assisted Living Center uses infographics to help show our message in a unique and powerful manner. Coming Soon!