2023 Top Washington DC Senior Living Communities

Moving yourself or a loved one into a senior living community is a big step. You want to ensure that the community provides for your needs for the entire length of your stay. The community should provide the amenities, care services, and additional features that suits your desired lifestyle. Yet figuring out how to start your search can feel daunting due to the number of senior care facilities available and the various levels of service they may provide. Some communities focus on independent living while others may also provide assisted living and memory care services.

To help narrow down your search, we gathered together a list of senior care facilities in Washington D.C. Then we categorized the facilities to feature the top communities in the most sought-after locations. Of course, keep in mind that there may be other facilities not listed in our guide that also offer amazing care and amenities. If your neighborhood is not on the list, contact us so we can help find one near you know. Also, search our senior living directory if you plan on making a long-distance move and need a list of communities in other cities or states.

Tip for Staying Connected with Loved Ones in Senior Living
Staying connecting to loved ones in senior care helps to strength family bonds as well as improves the mental and emotional well-being for everyone. Consider selecting a facility near to your location to make it easier to visit your loved one. Create a schedule to visit your loved one to have family days to enjoy a range of activities, such as relaxing at the park, enjoying a movie, or just looking at family photos.

Ranking The Best Assisted Living Facilities in Washington DC

Are you curious about how we ranked D.C. senior living facilities? We combed through senior living websites on all platforms including Google and Facebook. Then we narrowed D.C. facilities based on a range of factors including ratings, online reviews, and affordability. We also checked to see if the facility had any complaints or state violations.

When it comes to affordability, you want to ensure that the chosen facility’s costs work for your budget. We looked at senior care communities that provided the living and care services desired for most people that were also affordable. For D.C., the average cost of assisted living — which would include housing, basic services, and most meals — is $6,798 a month. If you are looking for simple in-home care, costs will be lower due to receiving a lower level of care. For memory care and nursing home care, facility costs are higher than assisted living expenses.

Top Rated Washington DC Assisted Living Facilities

4.64 stars

4.64/5 Average Rating of Facilities
58 Total Reviews

Knollwood Life Plan Community

6200 Oregon Ave NW
Washington, DC 20015

Living Types Available: Independent Living

4.5 stars

4.78/5 Average Rating
6 Total Reviews

Knollwood Life Plan Community Washington DC

What residents and loved ones have to say about Knollwood Community:

My Dad has been at Knollwood for over 14 years and he has had the best care imaginable!!! My Mom was also there 6 years ago and passed away in good hands. If you’re considering Knollwood for your retirement or your parents, I highly recommend this place. Its also has VERY beautiful grounds and lots of activities for the elderly.

-James Hickey

Seabury at Friendship Terrace

4201 Butterworth Pl NW
Washington DC, 20016

Living Types Available: Independent Living

4.5 stars

4.4/5 Average Rating
13 Total Reviews

seabury at friendship terrace washington dc

What residents and loved ones have to say about Seabury at Friendship Terrace:

Friendship Terrace is a wonderful place to live. Things got off to a good start over a year ago when we visited and had dinner. Diane loved the food and cheerful atmosphere in the dining room.

-Diane, Family

Ingleside at Rock Creek

Ad3050 Military Road NW
Washington DC, 20015

Living Types Available: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

4.5 stars

4.7/5 Average Rating
25 Total Reviews

ingleside at rock creek washington dc

What residents and loved ones have to say about Ingleside at Rock Creek:

The Ingleside at Rock Creek is an amazing facility located in Washington DC for the seniors in our family and community. The facility is so large, it would almost qualify as a small city. Its architecture dates back in this areas history, built of off what use to be a previous assisted living facility. There are several residences that range from hospice, assisted living, medical care and independent living. On my visit I was amazed at quality of residential amenities such as a library, walking area and an on premises medical facility with staff. There is so much going on here that if I hadn’t come here this evening I wouldn’t have known this location existed. I think this facility supported by Capital Caring is the best facility I have come across with respect to other hospice and assisted living facilities from my observations. The staff is very helpful in every respect of providing information and assistance – it is that kind of customer service for the public and the residents that places this property at the highest level of institutions to place lived ones at with full knowledge they seek be taken care of. Ideally, I am one of those that wouldn’t want to have a parent in any facility other than my own home; however, given the beauty and professional atmosphere I had the pleasure to experience, the Ingleside at Rock Creek could easily change my mind. Great place, no doubt about it.

-Rafael Frias Jr

Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community

5901 MacArthur Boulevard NW
Washington DC 20016

Living Types Available: Assisted Living, Memory Care

4.5 stars

4.7/5 Average Rating
14 Total Reviews

grand oaks assisted living community washington dc

What residents and loved ones have to say about Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community:

I visited my great aunt yesterday and had lunch with her. I had never been and was VERY impressed! Everyone was so friendly, the residents were all smiling and the food was excellent. It put my mind at ease seeing how well they care for residents. You can tell they like what they do.

-Tina Swope