2023 Top Alaska Senior Living Communities

Finding the perfect senior living community for yourself or a loved one in Alaska may take some research. Take a look at the activity schedule offered to residents, and learn about the amenities and services provided to residents. With the wide range of opportunities for senior living communities throughout Alaska, know that you will find one that is perfect for your needs.

We are ready to help you find an Alaskan senior living community with research you can trust. We take the time to research areas that our visitors are interested to live in, then we rank the best senior living communities in the chosen area. If you need assistance in finding a senior living community that is right for you, contact us for further help. You can search our senior living directory and learn about the various facilities in your area.

Staying Connected with Loved Ones in Senior Living
When you have a loved one in senior living, spend some time getting to know the schedule. Sit down and have a meal with your loved one and other guests. You want your loved one to feel at home, and the best way to do this is to be there to help them acclimate to the new surroundings.

Ranking The Best Senior Living Facilities in Alaska

As we search to identify the best senior living facilities in Alaska, we look at information from a wide variety of sources. We take a look at reports from the Alaska Department of Community Health to see if there are any compliance violations. We read online reviews to determine if a senior living community is something we will recommend.

As you progress in your search, find out the exact cost of living in the assisted living facility. While the average cost in Alaska is $6,830 a month, you can find a range of prices both above and below this average. Understand that with the cost of your stay in assisted living, housing, meals, and laundry are covered. You will pay an additional fee if you need a memory care unit or nursing home.

Top Alaska State Senior Living Facilities

4.91 stars

4.91/5 Average Rating of Facilities
53 Total Reviews

Aspen Creek

5915 Petersburg St
Anchorage, AK 99501

Living Types Available: Assisted Living

5 stars

5.0/5 Average Rating
26 Total Reviews

aspen creek anchorage ak

What residents and loved ones have to say about Aspen Creek:

From the moment we entered the beautiful foyer and were greeted so warmly we knew we had found my mom’s new home. She unfortunately has dementia, so this has been a very difficult process. We had so many questions and concerns, but all were put to rest by the Aspen Creek team. From Kendall in administration, to Michaela running the show at the reception desk, and all the wonderful caregivers throughout the “facility” (I hate that word because it sounds so impersonal and institutional- the exact opposite of Aspen Creek), it’s been wonderful. Everyone knows everyone’s name! There are regular activities planned, (thank you to all the activity coordinators and helpers!) and anytime I drop in, there is always something going on. My mom keeps very busy. The staff tell me she thinks she works there!?? And she hasn’t let me know that she’s ready to submit her resignation, so I think all is well on her end! This is the perfect home for her, and a relief for all of us.


Sitka Pioneer Home

120 Katlian St
Sitka AK 99835

Living Types Available: Assisted Living

4.5 stars

4.7/5 Average Rating
9 Total Reviews

sitka pioneer home ak

What residents and loved ones have to say about Sitka Pioneer Home:

My grandfather is very happy with Sitka Pioneers’ Home, which of course, means that I am satisfied with it. After visiting Sitka Pioneers’ Home and two other facilities six months ago, our family decided that this facility perfectly suited our needs and preferences. Here my grand father has found the excellent balance of security and ease of access to services, privacy and independence. Though the amenities provided here are certainly good but my grandfather says that amenities matter much less than the residents and staff. I could not have asked for anyone better to take care of my grandfather in his time of need. The staff here is incredibly professional and are very patient with him. It is nice for him because he loves to talk and now he has other people to talk with. I wish he could live in his own house still, but this place is a great substitute because of how great the staff and facilities are and how he is able to interact with others. It’s wonderful that he has a beautiful apartment, in a lovely building, with lots of amenities. But it means so much more to our family to know that he is being cared for by such compassionate people.

-Peter Sean

Campbell Creek House

4745 Piper St
Anchorage, AK 99507

Living Types Available: Assisted Living, Memory Care

4.5 stars

4.9/5 Average Rating
18 Total Reviews

campbell creek house anchorage ak

What residents and loved ones have to say about Campbell Creek House:

The team here has been wonderful to work with. They took on my extra sassy grandmother and, instead of getting frustrated when she first moved in, they handle, d her with grace and dignity. They are mindful of the safety of the staff and clients during this time of Covid. They were able to coordinate the vaccination for my gram. I can get FaceTime calls whenever I’m especially missing seeing my grams face. They work with her primary care providers to make sure her meds are working correctly. My gram found a friend so she’s not lonely without our visits. They are wonderful at redirection that comes with memory care. They don’t believe in over medicating their extra sassy clients like my gram. This was just what I needed as I was getting burnt out with caregiving. I can finally enjoy my gram as my gram and not as someone I would caretake for. I could go on and on, but if you have questions, just reach out. Sandy spent hours (or it felt like hours) on the phone with me before we did the move to ease my mind on all the quirks that came with caretaking for my gram. I would give them 10, 5 stars if I could. Its well deserved.

-Reign Galovin