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About Cedar Ridge Senior Living

Come home to elegant living in a warm, family-like environment at Cedar Ridge Senior Living in Broken Arrow. Our beautiful community covers a continuum of care, from Independent Living to Assisted Living and Memory Care. You or your loved one can age in place in a comfortable and vibrant community with robust amenities and life-enhancing services to enjoy. Every day is an opportunity to experience new joys and find meaningful ways to engage with your neighbors. No matter where you live in our community, be it the private cottages for retirement living or any of our apartments for seniors, you will gain access to the 24-hour support and assistance you need and ample lifestyle enhancements you want to live a rich and fulfilling life each day.

Cedar Ridge Senior Living Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care

At Cedar Ridge Senior Living, we offer a variety of living options to allow our residents to age in place. As our needs and abilities change over time, the level of assistance we require in our daily lives is likely to change as well. In order to help you or your loved one stay in the comfort of the community you know and love, we offer the following lifestyle and care options:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Respite Care

We are proud to coordinate with community partners to offer Hospice Care, should the need ever arise. Live your best life and age in place at Cedar Ridge Senior Living. We’re here to help make each new day a good one.

From secured outdoor spaces where Memory Care residents can explore their independence to private cottages for Independent Living seniors looking to join a vibrant community in a beautiful rural setting near Cedar Ridge Country Club, Cedar Ridge Senior Living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has what you are looking for to enrich the mind, body, and spirit. We offer everything from restaurant-style dining to religious services, physical fitness, musical activities, off-campus excursions, an onsite beauty parlor, and more in a lovely community with round-the-clock care and assistance on an individualized basis.

Gourmet Dining at Cedar Ridge Senior Living

Taste the simple pleasures of delicious, restaurant-style dining in our elegant community dining room. Our onsite chefs are serving up fresh, seasonal dishes made to order while residents sit together and enjoy one another’s company. We’ll take care of the cooking and clean up, so you can spend your time exploring what brings joy and fulfillment to your life.

Let us show you what makes life at Cedar Ridge Senior Living special. Contact us today to schedule your private tour.

Cedar Ridge Senior Living Amenities & Services

Every day brings new opportunities for joy and fulfillment at Cedar Ridge Senior Living. In addition to providing the spectrum of care needed for seniors to age in place — including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, as well as Respite Care and Hospice — our Broken Arrow senior living community offers a full menu of life-enhancing amenities and helpful services. A warm, home-like atmosphere and welcoming community spirit invite each resident to engage and explore new opportunities and activities. We value independence and personal preferences, which is why we always encourage residents to choose when and how to participate, based on their own interests and abilities.

If you are ready to see all that senior living has to offer, come by for a tour of our beautiful facility or call (800) 755-1458.

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Cedar Ridge Senior Living – Reviews

3.5 / 5.0 14 Reviews

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August 2023

Lindsay Rochat

Currently in residence at Cedar Ridge assisted living. Seems to be getting more and more like a nursing home as multiple people have to be assisted in just getting to the dining room and then assisted with food choice and eating. Just finished dinner and may have been the worst meal I have had here. Volume was all right but there was no flavor to my hamburger patty nor in the brown gravy it was covered with. Have been having a green salad with dressing which in some cases has seemed to be the best part of the meal. From taste, it seems they have possibly changed the brand of salad dressing. Are we cheaping down??? I made a suggestion that the office people eat in the dining room but we see them either bringing their meals or going out to eat. In a real sense it appears that the management doesn't want to eat what they are serving!!!! The next step is to seek another venue for our living. It is not the fault of the working staff as they try to handle the situations they are faced with each day. That leaves it up to the management to correct these situations and it is not being corrected. Not sure how long I may continue to deal with this situation!!!

May 2022


Anne Tucker

My husband and I have been at Cedar Ridge Senior Living ( formerly Brookdale Cedar Ridge ) living in a sweet 4 room cottage for over two years and are extremely happy here. The staff are all such loving, caring people and take very good care of the residents. Due to covid, we chose to have our meals delivered. The food is very good. The atmosphere in the main building is very welcoming, bright and cheery.

June 2020


Esmeralda Ibarra

May 2020


Chris Marinelli

Great atmosphere. Staff always helpful and friendly. Administration responds quickly.

April 2019


Mike Hess

My father recently passed, but spent his last days with his wife of 17 years at BCR. These folks are really great: caring, helpful, and kind. My stepmother is still there: she's in good hands. I hope my own final days are spent in as nice an environment.

March 2019


Terry Troxell

My mother Dorothy has lived at Brookdale Cedar Ridge for just over three years. During this time she has been hospitalized three times. One time from falling and breaking her hip. Upon her returns to Brookdale from the hospital stays, she has always received the best of care from the nurses, aids and staff. I have referred several people to Brookdale and will continue to recommend Brookdale to everyone I know requiring or considering assisted living. I have found the atmosphere to be very professional, caring and comfortable.

January 2018


Lucy Rodriguez

Do some reserch before placing your love ones here i used to work here and i can say no of the ppl that work here care about residents only here for a paycheck at night everyone sleeps during the day no one really checks on residents

November 2017


Rose Piccolo

A friend is there. And it's like pulling teeth to get anyone to help. When you lay on the bed in the morning pushing the button to get help to pee, and it takes more than 2 hours... I would've left them a mess.

July 2017


Jeanne Mason

My family's experience has been wonderful...better than I could ever imagine. Tammy Richards and Lori Allen have been a blessing. They listened to our difficult decision of placing my sweet, sweet parents in their facility. They assured us that they love and care for they clients, and it shows. Jennifer Rodgers has been such a blessing. She has had to contact me at 3:00 a.m. for a medical emergency...she was there comforting my dad. My family has been treated with respect, not only by the administration, but by every staff member. My dad went to Brookdale first, and my mother has needing placement a few months later. My dad is in the memory side, and my mother is in the assisted living side. When mother was told it was time for her to move from the home she loved for so many year, it was hard for her, but she trust that her children had visited every facility, and chose the very best one for both she and dad. Now, my sweet little mother could not be happier. She is socializing and exercising more than she would have been doing, had she stayed in her home. I am sorry for the lengthy review, but as you can see, our family could not be happier with Brookdale Cedar Ridge. P. and G. Bell Family

June 2017


Renee Criqui

Beautiful Facility. Ugly administration. They will promise you the moon to get you in the door and get your money. They know that the moving experience is so traumatic on so many levels that most families will just shut up and settle for the short-comings to avoid having to go through yet another move to a better place. Please take my advice. MOVE THEM. If you have to pull the emergency cords NO ONE WILL COME. They will come to the room and act like the cord is acting up for the first time. They will say "yes, no wonder no one came! This cord is defective. We will get it fixed right away!" Then you leave and they will do NOTHING. Read the reviews. If you have concerns, it's because you should. $7000 a month for pretty walls and shi**y care. Please don't do it.

July 2016


Aaron Baker

They took very good care of my grandmother.

August 2013


Ken L

The current administrator (same person as mentioned in other review) is not professional, courteous, customer oriented or even friendly. Oh sure, you may be greeted by her smiling face when your a newbie and checking out the facility, but once you're a resident, the wicked witch in her comes roaring out.It wasn't always this way. She made us so mad trying to force a payment we did not owe that we hung up on her and contacted our lawyer. Previous administrators were professional and helpful. But those days are gone.For the large sum of money you pay to have your loved one here, you get a poorly run facility with huge staff/nurse/assitant turn over. In the memory care unit, you'll more than likely be stuck with a double occupancy room which means no privacy for your loved one or time alone for family visits. There used to be all private rooms, but not anymore. Why? Mo money, mo money, mo money! Want to visit with your loved one inside the memory unit? Good luck with that! There is no where to do that where you will be left alone. Memory challenged elderly folks do not understand privacy issues any longer because of their horrible disease. It isn't their fault. But as a result, you'll constantly be shooing them away while you're trying to sit with your mom or dad or grandpa or grandma. And the staff will help if you can ever find them. The two of them are so overworked trying to be assisted living staffers in what demands full assistance service, that they're rarely around. We had human excrement on the floor in our room more than once. We had to break up a fight between residents in the memory unit and even had our loved one toted off on an unapproved field trip by us miles away. We knew nothing about it until we showed up and all the people were gone, including our loved one! Who takes memory challenged elderly people off on a field trip?The facility is beautiful. The meals are so so. If you want to eat with your loved one on the memory side, you can do that, but it costs $5 and if you don't make a reservation ahead of time, they will not serve you. We got chewed out for this by the administrator. How's that for professional. I made a reservation to eat with my parent and got there late. Guess who didn't get to eat with their parent? Yes it was my fault, but they were less than accomodating. There was no meal. You're late - too bad!This was a nice facility at one time. The building is beautiful, but the service sucks.

July 2013


Sharon Bostick

My experience at Cedar Ridge was very different than the other reviews shared. I was greeted by an employee who said she would get me someone who could show me around the community and answer questions about the community. Then I was introduced to Lisa Meacham, the community relations person. She took the time to really listen to what the needs of my parents were, and also listen to how it was impacting the entire family. We had been trying for the past year to keep mom and dad at home with services and with the kids taking turns coming to the house. We had not only our own families to care for but my parents had great needs as well. Setting up their medication, doing laundry, buying the groceries, seeing that the food in the house was fresh and not outdated, yard work, changing light bulbs. It seemed when we walked in their door it was to accomplish their needs, but not to sit and visit. I didn't realize how much I missed that until they moved to Cedar Ridge. We went to many different communities, and while there are several good ones to choose from Cedar Ridge offered what we needed for our parents. We completed paperwork with Delaine and she was detailed about what we could expect from her staff at Cedar. We have been at the community for 6 months and I am always so appreciative of the response that we get if a need arises. My parents are happier than I have seen in a few years. Mom plays bingo, dad plays cards, and they both talk about how much they enjoy the meals and ice cream socials. Us kids are so thankful that when we come to see mom and dad it is just for a visit. Everything else is handled by the wonderful staff...

February 2013


D Field

Our mom was at Emeritus at Cedar Ridge less than 24 hours before we realized this was NOT the place for her. They never even assigned her a room. They put her in a "respite room", which is a holding room, until they can get a room ready. They misrepresented themselves to us and the hospital, assuring us they were capable of caring for our mom. She was taken by ambulance less than 24 hours after arriving. She never received oxygen or pain medications that were prescribed to her even though they were called in two days before she arrived and had oxygen with her in the next room. She'd just had both legs amputated thus was in severe pain and unable to get to her oxygen. Even the aids that work there will tell you they're short staffed and not capable of providing the level of care some of their residents need. Mom said no one responded when she pulled the help cord and that she layed there yelling for help for what she felt was hours before someone walking down the hallway heard her cries for help. She was having difficulty breathing! The two night aids, that were working that evening, said that management does not follow their own criteria as to whether the patient meets assisted living guidelines and they were very concerned for several of the patients that really needed a higher level of care than this facility was capable of providing. They said they ran their legs off trying to provide the level of care that some patients need that should have never been approved for assisted living and should be at a higher level, skilled nursing, facility, which is where we ended up moving mom to The Villages at Southern Hills, after her 9 day stay in the hospital. By the way, I highly recommend The Villages at Southern Hills! Emeritus at Cedar Ridge may look nice on the inside but the true test is the level of care and security that your loved one requires and deserves. We walked in the next day, got all of moms things, making several trips to the car and no one ever saw us taking her stuff out. Most of the residents there leave their doors open so anyone could just walk right in during the day. This is NOT a skilled nursing center. They are considered "assisted living" however, their definition of assistance is very debatable in my opinion. We put a stop payment on the check, spoke to someone at a corporate level to inform them of this facilities shortcomings, to which they were very apologetic. Delany, the director, is harassing us to pay for a full month of service. Mom was only there for the few short hours and was never given possession of her own room. Delany obviously works on commission because she sure didn't seem to care for our mother...only the money! She was very unprofessional and pushy to get my husband to sign the contract and get a check, telling him, "just sign the contract, I'll give you a copy that you can read later". When I tried to question her as to the level of care they could provide, she kept saying, "I don't understand what your concern is. We've already assessed her and we are perfectly capable of caring for her." She spoke to me in a very condescending manner which made me mad so I walked out and went home very upset. My heart jumped when the phone rang at 5:00 am from the nurse on duty telling me they'd transported mom to ER. I feel for the aids and caretakers at this facility. They do seem to care for their patients and we appreciate them recognizing that mom needed help. Maybe after this review and a letter from our attorney Delany will stop calling and sending letters harassing us to pay for something that was never received. We have not ruled out filing suit against them for misrepresentation. We're just thankful mom is now somewhere that we know she is being cared for that even have doctors onsite. Do your homework before placing your loved one in this, or any other facility. You can not put a price on peace of mind and knowing that your loved one is being properly cared for!

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Community Details

Cedar Ridge Senior Living Amenities and Services


  • Private Cottages with Full Kitchen Garage & Patio
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances*
  • Washer & Dryer or Connections*
  • Large Walk-In Shower Units
  • Wood-Style Flooring
  • Walk-In Closets
  • Views of the Golf Course
  • Air Conditioning
  • Secured Community
  • Common Area with Flat-Screen TV
  • Whirlpool Spa
  • Activities 7 Days a Week
  • Community Garden
  • WiFi & Cable Available
  • Enclosed Walking Area on Property
  • * In select homes


  • Full Activities Program 7 Days a Week
  • Restaurant-Style Dining Room
  • Assistance with All Activities of Daily Living
  • Transportation to Group Outings & Appointments
  • Walking Paths & Fitness Center
  • Physical Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Referrals for Move-In Assistance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Service
  • Monthly Support Group for Families
  • In-House Beautician
  • Hearth Room with Fireplaces TVs
  • Golf Course Views

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  • Confirm with community manager that living and services required for you or your loved one's unique needs and budget are met.
  • Check with state government websites for additional licensing and information.

If there is any information that is inaccurate or needs to be updated, please contact Assisted Living Center.

Assisted Living Center uses the term "assisted living" or "personal care" to inform users that a community provides assistance with some Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). It may not meet your state's legal definition required for that level of care.