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If your parent or loved one that needs assisted living in Washington There are a number of homes all over The Evergreen State that do give the services and healthcare needed . Typical care involves support with medication and meals as well as bathing, dressing and using toilet facilities. Assisted Living Center gives you three options for finding the best fitting Washington assisted living community around you. Select any of the WA cities below, try our 800 number, or use the search tool in the right column find facilities in Washington by area code. Assisted living communities in Washington are referred to as boarding homes. They are senior living faculties that have housing for seven or more residents, and a supervising staff that also provides personal care. There are four types of boarding home licenses. A boarding home operating under the most limited license is only responsible for a senior residents safety and health. The three other licensing models require skilled nursing, and assistance with activities of daily living, (or ADL's).

Assisted Living in Washington by City

Our directory currently has 481 assisted living home listings in Washington. You can discover assisted living near you with the city links below. The home profiles give extensive facts on comforts, services, cost, and more. You can also filter your results by zip code using the Assisted Living Search tool to the right of of this page or leave it to our advisors to do the work for you and call 888-857-0838.

Washington Assisted Living Cost

Monthly assisted living fees in Washington may differ, starting from $1,300 up to $8,100, and median prices in Washington runs about $2,900. The fees of Washington assisted living can are also conditional on the needs of the resident. Many Washington communities also charge a one-time move in fee. It's also important to consider that costs can go up as more services are added to the monthly fees. There are some communities who also have a one-time move in fee. It is also important to keep in mind that costs can rise as additional services are added to the monthly costs.

WA Assisted Living Associations & Resources

Washington Health Care Association (WHCA)
Washington State Dept of Social and Health Services