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If there is a family member or loved one is in need of assisted living in Hawaii There is several residences through out The Aloha State that do give the services and care essential to their wellness . General services include help with prescriptions and meals as well as hygiene, putting on clothes and using toilet facilities. Assisted Living Center gives you 2 choices for finding the right Hawaii assisted living housing near you.

Click any of the HI cities below, or you can speak to a senior living advisor at (800) 755-1458 for the right assisted living for you or a loved one.

Hawaii assisted living is very simple compared to rules and regulations in other states. A license is required for any communities that have senior living apartments that provide daily living services to the residents.

Hawaii Assisted Living Cost

Monthly assisted living fees in Hawaii may differ, starting from $2,150 up to $6,500, and median prices in Hawaii runs about $3,777. The fees of Hawaii assisted living can are also conditional on the needs of the resident. For many Hawaii communities there is usually a standard monthly fee for the room, and more fees may be added if necessary. There are some communities who also have a one-time move in fee. It is also important to keep in mind that costs can rise as additional services are added to the monthly costs.

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Our directory has over 10 community listings in Hawaii. Find assisted living conveniently near you with the city links below. All facility profiles give comprehensive facts on amenities, services, cost, and more. You are able also refine your results by zip code with the Assisted Living Facility Finder tool to the right of of this page or allow our advisers to do the work for you and call (888) 857-0838.

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