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Do you have a parent that needs assisted living in Georgia? There are many communities across The Peach State that do give the services and care necessary . Common care include support with medication and food as well as bathing, dressing and using toilet facilities. Assisted Living Center provides you three options for choosing the perfect Georgia assisted living home close to your city. Follow any of the GA cities below, try the 800 number, or try the search box to the right find homes in Georgia by area code. Georgia classifies two levels of senior care as assisted living facilities and personal care homes. Georgia personal care homes have requirements that are more relaxed for mandatory services, admissions, staff and employee training than assisted living. Assisted living communities in Georgia also requires that in addition to other personal services, 24 hour care and supervision must be included.Test

Assisted Living in Georgia by City

There are over 400 Georgia assisted living facility listings in our directory. Discover assisted living near you with the city links below. All community profiles give comprehensive data on comforts, programs, prices, and more. You may also hone your results by zip code with the Assisted Living Home Search tool to the right of of this page or leave it to us to perform the work for you and call (800) 755-1458.

Georgia Assisted Living Cost

Monthly assisted living costs in Georgia can range from $1,700 to $3,500, and average cost in Georgia is about $2,300. The price of Georgia assisted living can also fluctuate depending on what the resident needs. Senior communities in Georgia have a monthly charge for the living unit, and more fees can be added for other services. Many communities also charge a one-time move in fee. It's also important to consider that costs can go up as more services are added to the monthly fees.

GA Assisted Living Associations & Resources

Georgia Assisted Living Federation
Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulation Division