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Arizona Assisted Living

Is a family member or loved one is thinking about assisted living in Arizona? There are many homes in the Copper State that can offer the services and health care required . Typical services include support with prescriptions and food as well as grooming, putting on clothes and using the lavatory. Assisted Living Center gives you 3 options for finding the right Arizona assisted living home around you. Select any of the AZ cities below, call our 800 #, or use the search box to the right find housing in Arizona by zip code. Arizona currently has three licenses for different levels of assisted living. There is supervisory care, personal care, and directed care services.

Assisted Living in Arizona by City

We have 420 listings of assisted living facilities in our Arizona directory. You can discover assisted living near you with the city links below. All facility profiles gives considerable data on conveniences, programs, prices, and more. You may also hone your results by zip code by using the Assisted Living Community Search tool to the right of of this page or let our advisors to carry out the work for you and call 888-857-0838.

Arizona Assisted Living Cost

Monthly assisted living prices in Arizona can vary from $1,100 and $6,000, and average fees in Arizona is about $2,300. The fees of Arizona assisted living can are also conditional on the needs of the resident. There are plenty of Arizona homes that have a standard monthly fee for the unit, and more fees may be added if necessary. Several facilities may also have a one-time move in fee. You should also bear in mind that fees could increase as additional services are supplemented to the regular costs.

AZ Assisted Living Associations & Resources

Arizona Assisted Living Association
Arizona Department of Health Services, Division of Assurance and Licensure, Office of Assisted Living Licensure