Long-Term Care Insurance Claim Assistance

If you or your loved one have a long-term care insurance policy and are having difficulty obtaining the benefits you feel are yours, we may be able to help.

Get The Long-Term Care Benefits You Deserve

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You or your loved one may have signed up for a long-term care insurance policy years ago.  And now it may be time to claim the benefits you so dutifully paid into and feel should be yours to use for senior living.

Insurance claims can be challenging because insurance companies may not be the most responsive when it comes to processing claims. If you are running into obstacles with your insurance company, your claim request is being rejected or you need to understand what your policy should cover, a free initial consultation is available.  We have arranged for specialized and fast service with a free no-obligation initial policy review with Family Solutions for Care, a firm that specializes in long-term care insurance claims to assist you.

Learn how you can help a loved one claim their long-term care insurance benefits with the power of informed professionals by your side filing your claim.

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Receive help with:

1. Understanding what your long-term care insurance policy should cover. A free no-obligation policy review has been arranged by Assisted Living Center.

2. Filing your claim for the highest likelihood of success with professional help.

3. Maximizing the benefit amount. Oftentimes you may be eligible for more than what an insurance company makes you aware is possible. Our experts can help you determine just how much you may be eligible for.

Why Trust Family Solutions for Care?

Trusted by thousands of senior living professionals.

Helped thousands of families claim what is rightfully theirs for the past ten years.

Save hours upon hours of phone calls, emails, long wait times on hold.