You Can Move Now with Bridge Financing for Senior Living.

Thousands of families every year take advantage of a Home Equity Line of Credit for Senior Living when they need to pay for senior living now while taking their time to sell their home for the best price or liquidate other assets. 

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Assisted Living Center can help you find the right senior living community for you or your loved one and also connect you to financial resources that can help you pay for senior living now. 

That is why we have teamed up with Second Act Financial Services to put payment solutions at your fingertips with immediate access to professionals who understand.  As featured in the American Seniors Housing Association E-News, Second Act is known as a trusted national leader in financial solutions for senior living

Learn how you can help a loved one move now with Second Act’s Home Equity Line of Credit for Senior Living by making an appointment below or call (866) 950-6010 for immediate assistance.

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How Sam Can Move into Senior Living Today

Bridge Financing Benefits:

1. You gain breathing room and time to sell your home for the right offer and highest price.

2. It is easier to stage, show and sell your home for the best price if you are not living in it.

3. You make smaller, more affordable interest-only monthly payments on what you draw  to pay for your housing or care. 

4. When you have sold your home you pay back what you owe on your Home Equity Line of Credit for Senior Living.

Why Trust Second Act?

Featured in the American Seniors Housing Association E-News.

Trusted by thousands of senior living communities nationwide.

It is OK if your home is listed or about to be listed for sale. Something many banks won’t allow.

Approval in 24 hours in most cases. Funding in as little as eight business days.

No need for adult children to co-sign in most cases because your senior’s home is the collateral.

The Second Act leadership has been helping seniors pay for senior living across the USA for over 23 years.

Fast financing and friendly service by professionals who understand.

Second Act is a senior-focused division of Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B., a family-owned bank out of Wilmington, Ohio, in business since 1889 and FDIC Insured. Be cautious of working with non-bank, non-FDIC insured lenders who may not be licensed in states they may operate in.

Helping you make the move today.

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