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3.3 / 5.0 31 Reviews

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About Morning Pointe of Lexington-East

Morning Pointe of Lexington-East offers a wide variety of options so you or your loved one can find the ideal senior living that fits. Our community is set in Lexington, KY. Positioned conveniently near medical facilities and local attractions, seniors have several options when it comes to care and entertainment. Social residents can also find something to do nearby.

Choosing the right assisted living community can be an overwhelming for seniors and their families. We will be with you and guide you through all the services and care we have available. We show you how you can create a customized solution as the needs of you or your family member change. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the best possible care is being provided in Lexington. The flexibility we offer is nearly limitless when it comes to the daily care we can provide.

Morning Pointe of Lexington-East Assisted Living and Memory Care

Morning Pointe of Lexington-East offers skilled care options for assisted living and Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

We offer a variety of floor plan options, including kitchenette and bathroom additions. There are also safety features available like fire and medical alert systems for emergencies. The most important thing when considering a senior living community in Lexington is the quality of the staff serving you or your loved one. A family makes a house a home, and our staff of professionals make every resident feel at home, feel wanted, and feel loved. We designed the dining area at Morning Pointe of Lexington-East to be a cozy, home style setting for our residents and family members. Our specialty is customized menus that provide delicious, home cooked meals that meet the needs of all residents.

Morning Pointe of Lexington-East Amenities & Services

We offer seniors the latest amenities in comfort that they would enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Beautician Onsite, Activities Offsite, Devotional Services Offsite, Outdoor Common Areas, Meals Provided, Activities Onsite, Devotional Services Onsite, Indoor Common Areas are available for all residents. The staff here are fully trained, friendly and accessible. They will help your residents enjoy their stay with us.

Our facility has Transportation at Cost, Resident Parking Available, Complimentary Transportation, Wheelchair Accessible Showers, Respite Offered, Aging in Place, Hospice Available and other ways we keep seniors active and healthy. Our staff works really hard to keep our aging residents active and independent, keeping everyone feeling young and healthy.

Residents enjoy of a full schedule of social, educational and entertaining activities. Our structured program helps all residents maintain a high quality of life. Many of our activities encourage members to socialize and develop friendships with other residents. We make sure the activities are fun and entertaining.

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Morning Pointe of Lexington-East – Reviews

3.3 / 5.0 31 Reviews

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December 2018


Angela S

I began looking for a memory care facility for my mother. After researching many facilities near my home, I narrowed my choice to 3 facilities. I decided Morning Pointe Lexington East based on the following: the ratio of aides to residents, the activities provided, and the actual nurse on site in place 24/7. Moving my mother at an early age is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The activities are stimulating in the memory care. The aides are outstanding. The memory care director really cares about the people she is caring for and would inform me daily about how my mother was doing- the director was always willing to discuss issues with me, and there is a monthly support group meeting for families. She has also worked with me to make the transition as smooth as possible. My mother had Lewy Body disease with bad hallucations. The memory care have been so patient with her. The staff is very professional and have helped her immensely. I was very happy with the care my mother received and the support provided to me.

September 2017


Jane Rideout Residents Daughter

Very good place for mom with she could stay here till end-of-life but can’t. It will be hard to leave you all but we will have to at some point. Thank you for the loving care your staff should mom!

February 2020


This is the worst ever. Three directors in a seven-month time.. I've also heard, they said almost 30 nurses in a year come and go. The AIDS are not aware of what's going on most the time. I have photos of poop in the hallways , on wall, urine on floors, ARMY of ants crawling on food tables on two different days. I had to bring it to their attention, no one noticed! Most of the AIDS are about 19 to 20 years of age. They have no experience and no wisdom. I have walked in and seen them sitting on sofas with their knees drawn up under chin, bottom of other tennis shoes on the sofa. One aid was sitting in a regular chair with her feet pushed up against the sofa. When you think about it, your loved one sits on that sofa, puts their hands on that sofa, and then touches their face. How unsanitary! Not trained. I've gone in several nights and found my mother without a full set of pajamas on. Just a top in the middle of winter. I guess it's easier on the aids not to have to dress her fully with dignity.Plus she's cold. I've had two sets of sheets disappear, a towel, Chuck's, and other clothing items. You need to be careful if they do your laundry as they do not know how to do delicates. So any ladies items such as bras, compression hose, get thrown in with towels and sheets and put in a hot dryer. I have to bring them home and do them myself. Several occasions I've been in at least three, and the nurses do not make sure she takes her pills. I have found a thyroid pill half dissolved in her bathroom sink, I found a pill partially under her bed, and another one that has rolled under her closet door and came to rest on against her clothes basket. I've also been in early in the morning to at night and they are supposed guide her to wash her face and brush teeth twice a day I even have doctor's orders posted on the wall. It's a sad day when you have to get doctor's orders for something that should be common sense and then twice daily. They don't do this all the time and I've had to have them get Mom up just to wash her face and brush teeth. They're not expecting me to come in and check. On weekends, very little if any activities are done. When I asked about it, ( and something is scheduled,) ...I get the same reply, " there's only two of us, so we cannot do any activities" or I get the excuse that "the director did not leave any information on what they were to do." So they sit in front of a TV all day long except for their meals. The is NO leadership. I walked in one Sunday afternoon at 6. There was supposed to be a coupon clipping Club. Only my mother was at the table and the aide was as bored as could be. She gave Mom a piece of newspaper just to cut along the lines. There were not even any real coupons to clip! They put these activities on the schedule for the families benefit, to make you think they're keeping them active. If you notice on their website any of the good reviews are three and four years old. The most recent ones are one star. This place has truly gone downhill fast and I need have to make some changes. Several the residents are moving out in late spring. I was given a video to watch on YouTube from channel Fox 56 news, about the new Preston Green's by another family. Several other families are moving to Highgrove also. But Morning Pointe is losing a few families come spring. It was recommended I check out the new Preston greens also. I am told they are state-of-the-art and have rhythmic lighting for these dear older ones. They are super clean, AIDS are highly trained, first couple years of red you're logged in with no rate increase, the six first beauty shop or Barber Shop appointments are free no matter what you have done. They also have walking path, a dog park, three ponds including a koi pond, trees, outdoor kitchen and eating areas for when the weather is really nice, all these things that morning Pointe does not have. They do keep them active I am told. Things like this, just being out in the fresh air, feeling the breeze on your face or the sun and hearing the birds chirping is so good for older ones memories. One day this past fall the weather was absolutely superb. I asked if they could take some of your old ones out on the patio. And I explain to them why. I told her I would help. We got 5 out on the patio and she just sat down. I said well how about some lemonade or cookies. She did not seem happy but she got the lemonade. She sat back down. I said, ,how about the conversation..." the aide was bored stiff. I left to run an errand down to Kroger's and came back after turning around knowing something wasn't going right in my heart. Sure enough within 10 minutes ..literally, she had already brought everyone back inside. She did not even stay outside to have a conversation with them. This breaks my heart. Needless to say I was livid. I wonder what we're paying for when they tell us they give them such good care. I will see gentleman sitting around in wet pants, I've watched them walk them to lunch with what pants and was by say anything they just say, and I quote," we will get to it" and sit them down in wet pants. This really bothers me, is everyone at the table has to smell to urine. It has happened on several occasions. But I get the same response, "we will get to it." I have pics of my mother...sitting in wet pants. Photos of a very dirty, greasy and dusty non-working ceiling fan. The aides never saw this in the last couple years!! I have pictures of her molding in her bathroom on the floor sticking out a good 12 to 18 in. I had to report it just to get it fixed and then it took over a week. These aids, for most of them, are very young, naive and don't even notice anything that could cause harm are breathing issues to the elderly. If anything, if they had a good director, she would make the rounds and see the poop on the floor the urine on the floor and walls and check things out and maybe even see once sitting in the dining room chairs with what pant, or just sitting and watching TV, but she's never over there to keep an eye on things. That includes all the past three directors. Last year I had to cancel my trip to see my family that I've not seen in 4 years overseas. In my heart, I could not leave her in their care for a month. It cost us hundred to cancel trip to make sure she's safe. I had to be there up to three times a day, every day just to check on her. I really got tired of her just sitting in front of a television. I cannot recommend this place at all. If you will notice, and I mentioned before, the only good ratings are from three and four years ago, and one of the gentleman leaving a rating works for another senior care facility. I guess they scratch each other's backs. The two most recent ones are only one star. Try High Grove or Preston Greens!

February 2020


I do not see individual attention. They are left to sit in a lobby. I have yet to see any AIDS talking one-on-one with someone having a conversation especially in Lantern. Absolutely no stimulation given, just left to sit. Most they talk at lunch is" what would you like to eat." Activities few and far, if ask, am told, "well, they're subject to change." Talking to another family, they too missing clothing items. Put names on everything, including Depends.....each one. Some moving out by May. Cannot recomend M.P.

March 2020

Charles Davis

Not happy how things handled. Girls too young for positions, including director. Truly not mature. He said several others with family feel the same. I see the daily worry this man has. No proper care, not compassionate place. My buddy is worried, with Virus, his parent getting care they can "just get by with", since no one can check on family members. No one can. Mentioned to me when by to drop things off, "no employee had mask on serving in dining room." Those girls come and go and out in the city. Not good. No precautions taken for elderly. Very sad situation for his family. Plan on helping him move later this summer.

May 2020

Patti Keiser

I cannot advise this place. Another person with worse issues and another facility I talked to, suggested to notify Office of Inspector General. Going to do that today. They have a Lexington office.

July 2020

Mary Dimmon

Brother moving parent out early fall to better care in brand new Chevy Chase Facility. On Duke Rd. Another going there also Little further away for me, but finally peace of mind for us. Morning Point a joke.

July 2020

Audry T.

Not happy.

July 2020

Amelia B.

I've been by there 5 different times on way home from work checking place out for my Aunt. Wanting opinions as will need to find a place by fall or end of year. Wanting to talk to a residents family, to get real honest opinions, and I did 3 X's out of 5 drive by. Saw ones coming out or going in. It was before and during Pandemic earlier this year. it was suggested I talk to residents families, and not to staff as they don't always tell the truth. No one had anything really good to say and 2 are moving out as soon as one of new Facility being built. Already have their Apts picked out. I've heard stories. Just not enough help. On a "schedule" so no time to correctly help or spend time with each each resident. These 2 ladies also concerned about safety. One thing I was able to see for myself, since not inside, told to check out head nurse Jackie on Facebook page by 1 of ladies. Bad enough she's let several other families know. She uses the Bit.... word. S... word and F... word way too many times. To her it's funny. To think she's a good influence is not true. I wouldn't want her as a friend for my daughter. Plus a sex cartoon on Facebook.. I hope she's not a mother. Very poor role model, we were discussing. Just scroll back a year or so, you'll see where her mind goes. That Facebook sealed it for me. Shared at work. I don't want her overseeing health of my Aunt. But, that's how they run this place. You don't see what a place really like until talk to residents families. Then you get experience. Skip this place.

July 2020

Jane S

I love this place and so does my mother!!! They keep moms mind working on the lantern. There has been some staffing change in the past year but has not been an issue from us. My mom is higher functioning and can let us know what’s going on. She loves the staff and the activities. COVID is holding them back some right now but it appears they still make it happen day in and day out. One family member has tried to engage in conversation several times asking if I would contact corporate with her with concerns. This lady is definitely persistent lol. I have told her that we are 100% satisfied with morning pointe and if I contacted them it would only be for praises. She asked about missing items, communication, and talked about the aids being too young. All of these recent posts sure sound like her. Please don’t let one person smear the name of this place. Trust and find out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

August 2020

Family member Lantern

Excellent and educated staff. They take exceptional care of our mother. She has been there for just over 1 year and you could not ask for better communication between the director team and families. They are always updating us on policies and procedures during this difficult COVID time. They have even went the extra step to ensure that COVID has not gotten into their building! The Executive Director there is by far the BEST they have had. Highly recommend meeting this team!

August 2020

Josiah Barkdoll

August 2020

Family member

Excellent! The care level there is top notch. Assistants are well trained, friendly, and helpful. Although COVID has offered some hard times to us all. The activity director is managing to find ways to enrich the residents lives and keep them engaged. I highly recommend seeing it for yourself!

August 2020

Lead CNA

I have worked in many facilities in my lifetime, but Morning Pointe of Lexington East stole my heart. The staff in this facility pull together and work as a team to provide top care to our residents. When Covid hit and things were restricted the Exective Director, with her team came up with ways to protect the residents while still trying to help them have a normal life. Everyone has opinions, so why not come meet the staff, talk to the ED, or the CRD and see for yourself.

August 2020

Vivian T.

It's okay, am concerned seeing some walking around without full face mask. Noses out. I have 7 big issues will address online later.

September 2020


Seems several staff members write 5 stars after viewing several reviews. From director, nurse and activities director. All give themselves 5 stars. Thing is, they can't have an honest opinion. Have no one living there! That's misleading to public. Facility not honest with ones looking for loved one. Housekeeping is just ok. My grandmother's floor, especially in closet and under bed, it's ever vacuumed. Just areas think you'll see. Full of dust bunnies, hair, etc. Years worth. Beds are not made daily and shutters to think how bad things are since families can't keep eye on things. Easier on workers. Bathroom had mold. Laundry no better. My mom has to do it all herself. She pays for all this and does most herself when allowed into facility before covid-19. Misleading advertising.

October 2020


Rarely, if ever gets ones to medical appointments on time. Frustrating to me and doctors. We've had to wait many times, while others take our place. They can't get it together. This service they offer not good. You'll need to do it yourself.

October 2020


Don't waste time here.

October 2020


I have also talked to the family member that Jane mentioned. I listened to her for a while then asked her if it was so bad why keep your mother here so long. She looked shocked that I had asked. She said several things yet could never tell me the reason. I know the reason, the reason is that mom was getting exceptional care just like my grandmother is and has for years. Morning Pointe is a huge part of our family as we have seen how they consider grandma family. We rave about the care that is given to her and all that they do, especially during this trying time. Thanks morning Pointe for all that you do and To that family member....I hope you find peace in yourself and start thanking Morning Pointe for what all they do for your mother instead of being a sad individual spreading negative thoughts and opinions throughout the community. Stay safe Morning Pointe!

August 2017


Reece Wilson

Dignity, respect and compassion. For me three very important words used to describe how my father was treated by the wonderful caregivers and staff at the Morning Pointe East Facility. Very late in my father's remarkable life he became in need of 24 hour professional care. I am so thankful I discovered Morning Pointe as I couldn't have asked for, or found, a better facility for him. The level of care he received was top-notch. He truly was treated with dignity, respect and compassion which I know he greatly appreciated as did I.

August 2016


Kara Ball

Morning Pointe East is such a great senior living facility! I have several friends that live there and love it. The activities are amazing and the food is wonderful! Plus they are pet friendly. I love that they have transportation too. All in all, a wonderful senior living facility.

August 2016


Bruce Maples

Morning Pointe of Lexington-East is a tremendous help in managing the uncertainty of caring for an aging loved one, while enhancing their independence. This loving senior living community promotes independent living while providing the nursing care and assistance you or your loved one needs. I highly recommend this loving, local community!

December 2020

Chad Wilkerson

This place is not good if wanting memory care. Can't speak for personal care. Memory Care not cared for properly. Lantern is old and smells. My niece very upset at the lack of care, concern and communication. Moving out early spring. Already have a hold at new facility. The nurse at MP not altogether in communication.

January 2021

Andrea Wilks

My mother has been living here for about 7 years and she is having fun most everyday with her many friends. She'll often tell me how much she appreciates our selecting Morning Pointe for her.They have gathered talented and understanding management and service-oriented employees at every level of responsibility in their companies. Thank you.

January 2021

Susie C

I cannot thank the staff enough for the exceptional care they provide for our father. He has been there for just over 6 months and you could not ask for better care anywhere.. They are always updating us on policies and procedures during this difficult COVID time. They even have gotten dad vaccinated already! I feel like these other reviews are not a fair representation of this beautiful community. Unfortunately they have not be allowing visitors due to the virus in order to keep the residents safe so with that being said, there is no way of knowing the status of the building. Which when I face time my father the area has always been neat and well kept and he loves it there.

January 2021


I visited Morning Pointe and I was very impressed. Which is why I chose it for myself. The staff have been amazing to me and the food is delicious and always fresh.

January 2021

Jean Travers

My fathers experience at the Morning Pointe has always been exceptional! The Executive Team is professional, warm and welcoming. Elegantly decorated with all the touches of home, the environment is inviting and pleasing. Location is perfect.

February 2021

Stephanie Holt

I would like to thank the staff and the management for their hard work and compassionate care of my mother. It is never easy to trust someone else to care for your loved ones. They try very hard to make my mother feel at home, make her smile, and tailor her experience to meet her specific needs. If we ever have a concern or problem and tell the staff and management team, they address are concerns or problems immediately. Thank you so much.

March 2021

Betsy Washington

This community is absolutely beautiful!! We just moved my pop in their memory care and we could not be more impressed. Josiah went above and beyond to help with the move and to make him comfortable. The area is clean and neat. The rooms are well laid out with enough room for a living area and bed. We got to visit today and he appears so happy and speaks very highly of his care staff especially his nurse Talia.

March 2021


Get facts if going in memory care. Several passed in their care, wrong info given, talked to couple families to get experience. It's not as nice as PC side and sad. Get facts, contact past residents families and get stories. Don't listen to the smiley sales talks, get facts and experience's. If looking at Memory Care....walk away. Head nurse is not good at job. I understand in talking to 3 families, some have moved out for better care.

March 2021

Susan B.

Read NY Times article how bad places manage 4-5 stars. A Lexington place mentioned with stories, it's all about the $. Employees also known to up star ratings even though no personal experience with someone actually living in facility. Do homework and be watchful.

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  • Beautician Onsite
  • Activities Offsite
  • Devotional Services Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Onsite
  • Indoor Common Areas


  • Transportation at Cost
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Respite Offered
  • Aging in Place
  • Hospice Available

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  • 24-Hour Awake Staff
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