5 Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients at Home to Spark Memories

Alzheimer's activities at home

For those living with dementia there may be times when it becomes increasingly more difficult to recall memories, especially as the dementia journey progresses. There are, however, many different activities which can help to spark memories, which in turn can help to boost mood and improve well-being. Here we will cover just five fantastic activities … Read more

The Alzheimer’s Diet – Improve Memory With Brain Healthy Foods

Alzheimers Diet Healthy Brain Food

You are what you eat. Surely, you’ve heard that old adage as a witty quip before. But as it turns out, it’s truer than you think. Following an Alzheimer’s diet that can help prevent the disease and improve memory is well worth anyone’s time. What you eat has a tremendous amount to do with your well-being, your … Read more

What Is Memory Care?

What is Memory Care

When a Loved One Needs Memory Care Loved ones suffering Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other progressive memory problems will eventually need round-the-clock memory care for safety and quality of life reasons. Memory care provided by assisted living facilities (ALFs) offer personal care support (bathing, dressing, meals), medication management and activities designed to improve physical and … Read more