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Mingus Terrace Facility

About Mingus Terrace

The senior housing community of Mingus Terrace in Cottonwood, Arizona realizes that you have several things to consider when you need to locate the perfect senior living set up Mingus Terrace works hard to make sure it's an easy decision to make, offering total senior care services. Our staff is experienced and compassionate care providers who also know how to provide a fun social environment, Mingus Terrace is always striving to offer services above everyone else.

Mingus Terrace in Cottonwoodunderstands that participating in social activities is crucial in making sure that seniors enjoy a happy lifestyle in their senior housing community. Residents living in the top-of-the-line assisted living homes love the care-free, relaxing surroundings that is free of cumbersome, difficult tasks that they faced daily. Seniors who find a home in our senior living community can appreciate the opportunity for constant social interaction while they enjoy in the deluxe surroundings of their new living space.

During your retirement years you'll have many choices to make, where to live should be simple. If you live in Cottonwood , AZ and want to spend your golden years happy and active, then Mingus Terrace is the right choice for you.

Mingus Terrace Services

Services at Mingus Terrace

Mingus Terrace knows that seniors need varying degrees of help as they get older, but still want to feel independent. Our professionally trained staff will provide services in a caring and respectful manner. We try to make sure that each resident is able to maintain a full life while staying with us at Mingus Terrace.

Mingus Terrace Amenities

Amenities at Mingus Terrace

Mingus Terrace offers seniors the latest amenities in comfort that they would enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. The staff at Mingus Terrace are fully trained, friendly and accessible. They will help your residents enjoy their stay with us.

Mingus Terrace Activities

Activities at Mingus Terrace

At Mingus Terrace, residents enjoy of a full schedule of social, educational and entertaining activities. Our structured program helps all residents maintain a high quality of life. Many of Mingus Terraces activities encourage members to socialize and develop friendships with other residents. We make sure the activities are fun and entertaining.